Providing a green, natural and healthy approach to dentistry tailored to the individual. We use the least toxic approach in the world of dentistry and supplement it with all-natural and pure alternatives while maintaining the highest of standards. This is Biological Dentistry.

Pure Dental offers Organic, non-GMO products for sanitizing and moisturizing including essential and ozonated medical grade oils. The office has specialized air purifying systems running 24-7; Ozonated water is made fresh every day and runs through all our dental equipment and water lines; state-of-the-art technology including CT scan (Cone Beam) technology, digital radiographs, and supplements to mitigate ionizing radiation.


About Us

Oral Health and systemic health are intimately and intricately connected. Biological dentists still do the same treatments conventional dentists do: we numb patients, restore teeth, take radiographs, follow infection control standards-above and beyond.

So where is the difference?

We were all taught in Dental Schools around the world that all aspects of dentistry were safe and any toxicity was minimized and even downplayed. We were taught that Fluoride was a VITAMIN. But Biological Dentists believe that many conventional dental materials are toxic. Mercury, Fluoride, BPA, Bis-GMA top the list.

Literally nothing we do is natural: every filling, every cleaning, every crown, implant, X-ray…all of it involves tools and materials that have the potential to be toxic to human beings. We work to eliminate toxic materials from our environment, and if we have to deal with toxic materials, we work hard towards controlling/minimizing/eliminating the exposures that we and our patients have.

Client Testimonials

Henry M.

As a biology student I was always aware that we use a lot of toxic materials in our everyday lives. I was shocked when I learned that we have them in our mouth as well. Pure Dental was an amazing experience and perhaps a window into better and cleaner future.

JC Engelhard

After going through 2 dentists who recommended a root canal treatment I did not want I turned to Dr. Perez as a biological dentist hoping for a different approach. She  took the time and effort to keep the nerve alive and she succeeded. Dr. Perez is very kind and takes the time to explain every step of the way. I can highly recommend her and will not look any further when it comes to dental issues.

Vincent L.

I was introduced to Dr Josephine Perez through a good friend of mine who had equally been so impressed and pleased with her. In pain I went to Dr Perez and I found her to be knowledgeable, honest and caring. What more can you ask for? I would recommend her to anyone and I certainly will. Just a super nice person and goes the extra mile to make sure you are feeling ok after also.

Jennifer L.

Absolutely best dental experience. Dr. Perez cares and goes above and beyond. I had a dental cleaning done by her and I love all her sanitation methods, her personality, and professionalism. I highly recommend her!

Randy R.

I had a pleasant experience with Dr. Josephine Perez. She is extremely caring and considerate. I spoke to her about my achy teeth and was scared that I was going to have major problems. My family dentist recommended sleeping with a mouth guard, but Dr. Perez confidently explained that the issue could be fixed properly. She explained that the mouth guard was only a band-aid and wasn’t going to truly solve the problem. I trust her work and word completely and all of her work has been outstanding.