Biological Dentistry

Oral Health and systemic health are intimately and intricately connected. Biological dentist still do the same treatments conventional dentists do: we numb patients, restore teeth, take radiographs, follow infection control standards-above and beyond.


So where is the difference?

Well we were all taught in Dental Schools around the globe that all aspects of dentistry were safe and any toxicity was minimized and even downplayed. We were taught that Fluoride was a VITAMIN. But Biological Dentists believe that many conventional dental materials are toxic. Mercury, Fluoride, BPA, Bis-GMA top the list.

Literally nothing we do is natural: every filling, every cleaning, every crown, implant, X-ray…all of it involves tools and materials that have the potential to be toxic to human beings. We work to eliminate toxic materials from our environment, and if we have to deal with toxic materials, we work hard towards controlling / minimizing / eliminating the exposures that we and our patients have.

What to Expect?
  • Compatibility Testing
  • OralDNA Testing
  • BPA and BisGMA free restorations
  • Fluoride Free products
  • Bio-mimetic materials for regenerative dentistry
  • Mercury Safe Certified
  • Paperless/Green office
  • Digital Radiographs and Photography
  • State of the Art 3D Cone Beam Technology
  • Personalized Treatments
  • Infrared sauna for detoxification
  • PRF