A Dentist Checking On Her Patient


What is Biological/Functional Dentistry?

A Biological Dentist seeks the safest, least toxic and most conservative way to accomplish modern dentistry that is safe, functional, durable and esthetic. It is interesting how the term “alternative medicine” refers to a new holistic, integrative and functional approach to health….yet it has been in existence for thousands of years and “modern medicine” is about 100years old.

Most people find the “alternative ways” because of a personal medical condition that has not resolved. Others, are well versed in holistic ways and understand and live by it. We have known for quite a long time that there is a MouthBody Connection: bacteria from the mouth travels thru the blood steam to the organs. As a biological dentist, my mantra continues to be A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy Body anda HealthyLife!

Do you use homeopathics?

We use homeopathics as much as possible and have them available pre and post treatments. We encourage healing with high grade supplements, disinfect with laser and ozone/O2 treatments. We are also completely metal free. Our restorations are BPA and BisGMA free. We use fluoride alternatives and educate our patients on biomimetic toothpastes and adjuncts. We make our own sanitizers with 151 proof alcohol and high grade, nonGMO, expeller pressed and/or cold pressed Organic Essential oils that we also offer to our patients. Our patients are offered a choice in their pre-treatment rinses: Essential Oil mouthwash, Colloidal silver Mouthwash, Ozonated water or a peroxide rinse for 60 seconds.

Who makes up Pure Dental team?

We work with integrative Doctors, Naturopaths, chiropractors, healers, anti-aging specialist and the Medical community because ITS ALL CONNECTED!

What happens in your mouth does not stay in you mouth. Be proactive and not reactive.What we do as a profession is not compartimentalized… compatibility matters; technique matters, isolation matters, quality materials matter, overall health of a patient matters, ability to process toxins matters…and genetics matters.

Our staff is regularly trained in this comprehensive protocol. Nothing is too excessive for the health and wellbeing of patients and staff. We go above and beyond the required standards recommended by the CDC, FDA, and ADA. This “choreography” is continuously changing in order to become better and healthier.

We are a TEAM and we balance each other out, and we are all learning everyday… we even learn from our own patients! We embrace change and welcome challenges…we are all just helping each other “home”.

Who is Dr. Josephine Perez?

Dr. Josephine Perez has been practicing dentistry for 29 years. A graduate of Tufts University School of Dentistry in Boston, and interned at NewOrleans Coast Guard/Navy Base.

Her holistic approach to dentistry encompasses each person’s unique and entire (or whole, therefore holistic) state of physical and emotional well being. The ability to maintain our health thru preventive measuresand treatments of oral disease is our priority.

Dr. Perez focuseson the underlying condition, rather than only treating the symptoms. We also test for biocompatibility to find pathways to reduce inflammation and apply biocompatible and biomimetic materials, supplements,essential oils to restore and strengthen the oral cavity and ultimately, the whole body.

After decades of restoring and transforming smiles, Dr. Perez has integrated total wellness into her Oral Health enhancement Practice….A Revolutionary Style of Dentistry!